Events Manager

Zagreb, Croatia

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We are looking for an Events Manager to join our Marketing team.

You will be responsible for concepting and executing a wide variety of events – such as trade shows, recruiting fairs, in-house and local events – where you will be marketing Gideon Brothers’ advanced visual perception technology to potential clients, investors, recruits and other constituents. This is a full-time position in Zagreb. 

The Marketing team at Gideon Brothers is international and the lingua franca is English. Therefore, you must be able to work in English at a high level. In this position, you will need to:

  • Produce and present detailed proposals for events to management (concepts, timelines, venues, event requirements, obligations, and budgets).
  • Coordinate with external event organizers, as needed.
  • Lead all logistics prior to, the day(s) of and after the event.
  • Coordinate social media before, during and after the event.
  • Coordinate sales and marketing activities prior and during the event.
  • Coordinate the production of sales and marketing collateral.
  • Lead the construction (and dismantling) of exhibits on-location (for trade shows, etc) (will also require foreign travel).
  • Coordinate communications with the public/digital and print media.

The pace at Gideon Brothers is ambitious. You will perform at your best if you can:

  • Manage your time to meet the demands of multiple events/projects with hard deadlines, often with milestones that many months in advance.
  • Generate new ideas (and refine “old” ones) for exhibits and events that you organize to keep things fresh and different.
  • Understand the parameters of the Gideon brand (look/feel/tone).
  • Be hyper-organized and present yourself professionally to all constituents.  
  • Stay current with trends and technology as well as seek opportunities to improve the user experience (the experience of attendees).
  • Know how to handle and implement feedback in a timely manner.
  • Thrive and remain agile in a high-pressure environment.

The bare-minimum that you will need to demonstrate is:

  • 5 years of experience in organizing events.
  • That you are prepared to travel outside of Croatia.
  • That you have a valid drivers’ licence.

Your strength as a candidate grows if you:

  • have experience as "lead" event planner.
  • have a degree in psychology, business, industrial design, public relations, hospitality, tourism or similar.
  • have a significant following on at least one social media platform.

If you are interested in applying for this position, in your English-language cover letter, please describe the details of an event organized by you that exemplifies your best work.

If you apply for this position, you will be notified via email of what's happening. Please be patient.

About Gideon Brothers:

Gideon Brothers is a Croatian robot technology company. We are a 70-person team that includes 9 PhDs and 38 Masters of robotic hardware and AI software and other disciplines. We have offices in Zagreb and Osijek.

Currently, Gideon Brothers has multiple on-going pilot projects with international logistics and distribution companies.

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