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What do you think about joining a team of proactive dreamers who are thrilled about the idea of robotics making people's work easier and lives better?

We are bold and innovative and we are looking to expand our team with like-minded professionals who are willing to be a part of developing our breakthrough AI technologies. Wanna join our team of experts? Scroll down!

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Our story

We develop AI & 3D-vision-based autonomous mobile robots for material handling processes in logistics, manufacturing, retail and similar industrial environments. We are working with some of the biggest companies worldwide on automating their most complex material handling operations and enabling people to focus on what they do best, while robots take over the hard work. In our teams in Croatia, US and Germany, we have gathered 150+ super-talented people, including twelve PhDs and 50+ Masters of robotics hardware and software engineering and related disciplines.

We are always looking for the next generation of talent to join our engineering and business teams. Excellence in academia and/or in a job will grab our attention. Extracurricular activities or projects as well as interest in robotics and a desire for learning will pique our interest even more!

Our Team

A group of curious, determined and tech-savvy people developing autonomous mobile robots of the future! We are very excited and passionate about what we do, and we are very much R&D-oriented. Our team consists of top experts in the fields of robotics hardware and software engineering as well as business and we are always thirsty for more skills and the latest knowledge! 

We cherish team spirit, collaboration, new ideas and constant learning.

Who are you?

You are kind and ambitious, a proactive team player, self-driven and confident to go outside of your comfort zone, willing to learn and explore and you are always curious.       And, of course, you are very excited about robotics and all the potential it brings to the field of automation in material handling solutions.

What do we offer?

Once you join us, this is what you can expect from us

Joining an R&D robotics team

Working with state-of-the-art algorithms and developing breakthrough AI solutions in the fields such as computer vision, semantics, navigation, software engineering and others.

Business and R&D team work

We believe that an open and productive collaboration between our engineering teams and our business, marketing and operational teams gives the best results which our customers recognize.

Internal talks

Relaxed and fun, but also quite educational deep dives into different fields of expertise, from hardware design and AI autonomous technologies to business and marketing-related topics.

Meal-subsidy program

Choose between two models that are used to cover your monthly food costs

Kindergarten allowance/Tourist voucher

Choose between a Kindergarten allowance for your kid(s) or a Tourist voucher

Flexible working hours

And a possibility for remote work. We do not care when did you do something, but instead, we care if you enjoyed doing it and what you created.

Latest tech and tools

Exposure to the latest technology and top-notch tools in your everyday work.

Testing hall

A well-equipped testing hall where we assemble and test our robots is right next to our Zagreb office.

Collaboration and team spirit

Relaxed and friendly working environment and supportive colleagues.

Baby bonus

A bonus for all employees who become parents

Health check-ups

Health check-ups are organized on a company level

Christmas & Easter bonus

Happy holidays! :)

We are hiring - join us!

If you believe we would be a good fit to your career plans, apply via the links below and the rest is on us.

How does a selection process look like?

Steps of becoming a Gideon

During all selection processes, we are guided by the principles of fairness and confidentiality while trying to be as efficient and as quick as possible. We are quite easy-going and relaxed and we look at the whole selection process as a two-sided communication. We cherish the individual approach to every candidate and we are always curious to hear how do we fit to your plans! :)

  • 1st step

    Getting to know each other, you tell us a bit more about your experiences and interests and we tell you a bit more about the position, our team and our plans.

  • 2nd step

    Technical tasks or a technical discussion with one of our senior experts. This stage will show you how the actual job would look like and how do you fit in!

  • 3rd step

    Mutual discussion about how we see our potential collaboration and other work details.

A glimpse of us